Come Home, Sweetest Sweetheart

Soft and warm
is what world
when you hold
my hand and
are just around.

When you are not,
my world is as black and
ugly as your elbows
which you never clean.

I want for you to be here
when my day is so
mediocre and your day
is as mediocre and
both of us exist
in the white of my room.

The white engulfs all of the
misery and
both of our sad loses itself
in the white.

I want all of the white
in the entire world
to stay forever in my room
and for you to be forever
there, and never leave.
We will dissolve all of the sad,
and turn it into apple and
cranberry juice with
a little vodka
and the sad won’t be
insoluble anymore.

Sneha Kumar is a Class 12 student.

Featured image: Jakob Rosen/Unsplash