Coming Back to Yourself

Home is where all the love is
painstakingly nurtured, divided
among us like ration. The taste
of colostrum still lingers.

The sambar, a bit too watery on
rainy days, uneven rotis leftover
rice, same days new stories.

young spittled kisses, wet soggy words
little paws of the baby wizards scrawling
past images making the sky feel less

A star-gazing father, siblings named
after constellations. A tulip mother,
smelling of lemongrass and turmeric
a meshwork of soulful tales.

No matter how far you go, there is
only one place you can come back
to yourself – and that’s home.

Deva Priya is a 24-year-old from Kerala who likes to weave stories and is in love with the sea and sunsets.

Featured image credit: Flickr (representative image)