Dear Valentine

Dear valentine,
Let me paint
First, a cliché, although
Conjured from truth,
My love for you –
A sunlit field
On rolling hills
With daffodils
And budding dew,
Warm winds
With a cold brew
On a picnic
With just
Me and you –
My love for you,
Let me paint more
Dear valentine
Dear valentine.

Let me paint then
The grey skies
The sticky heat
A Monday morning
On a lonesome beach
Perhaps on Cali shores
That we have never seen –
You letting me bask
On your skin,
The sand on you
Biting into me
With oh such love
Let me be
In this way,
Resting for what’s
Yet to come –
My love for you
Dear valentine
Let me paint.

And then, let me paint
In my heart’s colours
Dear valentine
These streets
These stores
These flags
And more,
In Red – my love
For you – and
Let me march
With these crowds
Of lovers, to the
Grand monuments
Guarded in cities
They have closed,
Sitting on thrones,
Let me take over them
as you have me
Dear valentine
Let me paint
My love for you.

With my love for you
Let me paint
These halls
They write about
In their history books,
Let me paint
These books too
And the men –
Unloved carcasses –
Claiming lives
Of those who love,
Let me paint
Them all to oblivion –
Dear valentine
Let me wipe
Their creations,
These rulings,
Moralities and wisdom,
Let me paint
Them over, with
My love for you.

Dear valentine
Why don’t you
Let me paint you,
In these marble rooms
On their stolen thrones –
Be my sitter,
Lean over
Legs wide open
Head thrown back
Wearing only Red
Of my heart,
An imposing emperor
Sprawling in tyranny
Of our love, over
These lands of tyrants,
At your feet
Their mangled remains –
Let me paint
My love, for you
Dear valentine,
Let me paint
My love for you.

Tejas A. Jha is a student of law, an aspiring writer and photographer, in awe of the world of art, poetry and music.

Featured image: Cathal Mac an Bheatha/Unsplash