E A S Y: Celebrating the Mushy Side of Queer Love

This piece has been republished in light of the Supreme Court hearing on Section 377. 

The queer community is arguably one of the most marginalised globally. Possibly because we represent – by our very existence – the belief that there can be more than one type of person. More than one kind of love. Queer people fight for acceptance, tolerance and equality every single day of their lives.

However, when queer relationships are acknowledged by mainstream media outlets, they’re often shown as hypersexual, rather than the more humbling truth – emotional. While the ownership of actual male sexuality isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the notion that same sex relationships are only centred around physical intercourse – and its related expression – is a superficial, reductive approach to queer love. ‘e a s y’, attempts to look at the larger matrix and spectrum of human emotions in same-sex relationships.

Men within the queer community tend to become extremely comfortable with the suppression of their own emotions and sexuality. Because of this, they tend to have a harder time expressing themselves and their vulnerability with the omnipresent fear of oppression and discrimination. This series of illustrations aims to show the beauty in vulnerability; to show the more lovey and mushy sides queer relationships. To show how powerful they actually can be.

Bleach. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Intimacy. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Zindagi. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Wild. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Polaroid. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Lito. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Flowerhug. Credit: Veer Misra/ @v.eird

Veer Misra is a 21-year-old artist based in New Delhi.