It’s time, I have to let you go,
No matter if a million times my heart says no,
Love once born, never dies,
Oddly enough, it has its own time for goodbyes
I’ll miss the sunrises with you, walking hand in hand.
Don’t forget to put your heart out there,
Unfold the moments of life and make them grand.
You’ll be terribly missed, whenever I’ll have your favourite rice and curd,
I am sure you’ll get goosebumps too, abruptly hearing someone using the ‘baby’ word.
I’ll imagine you giggling at a joke with me, sitting in the corner of a coffee shop
Promise me, you will still lip-sync to the lyrics when the DJ plays hip-hop.
In the next few years, life might show you its different colours and nightmares,
But never give up on the things about which you care,
Always do what makes you happy,
‘Cause, that’s how I always want you to be,
And if ever feel lonely,
Cuddle a cat and remember what I said,
You were,
And will always be
A part of me.

Nikhat Khan is an ex-reality show contestant (MTV Roadies), currently pursuing PhD in Journalism, and is an immense fanatic of poetry, philosophy and literature.

Featured image:  Everton Vila / Unsplash