Have We Lost?

Have we lost?
We voted for the Left, the Right, and the Centre
But every leader
A monster with a mask of ideology
Pillaged us left, right and centre
And you’re left to wonder
Why do the poor eat hope for dinner
As their dreams die of hunger.
Freedom comes at a cost,
Have we lost?

Have we lost?
Serpents spew orders sitting atop a chair
Crushing our souls with the weight of the world
Plastic smiles and pathetic lies
Yet, with their poisoned words, they say — “we care”.
White collar, blue collar, in the end, it’s just a noose
Slouched backs, twisted necks — the evolution of mankind
Lay the golden egg and die like the goose
Just a donkey killed by the trojan horse
Have we lost?

Have we lost?
The matters of the heart
Love that used to sweep you off your feet
Is now swiped six feet under,
Always over before you start.
Fall for someone but keep your feelings concealed
‘cause beloveds are just like a beautiful dream
Never there when you ask them to get real.
Red roses devoured by the thorns
Have we lost?

Have we lost?
The past that was so special to us
When joy was lived through the lens not behind it
When people clicked, but with each other
Now, look what they’ve done to us.
Bittersweet nostalgia turned to dust
Precious memories soiled to serve their lust.
Open your eyes, what we cherished so dearly is gone
Have we lost?

Have we lost?
Pride of lions to rebels without a cause
Earning cash to stick paper over the cracks
Some are pelting stones in the street
Others gulp down problems on the rocks.
Changing the world just makes it worse
Revolutions only fill the pockets of those at the top
Have we lost?

This time, don’t turn a blind eye
Look, look, stare at the sun
Then ask yourself: Have we lost?
Or has the war only just begun?

Akul Sharma is an armchair philosopher, mystic thinker, and a human being trying to figure out the purpose of existence.

Featured image: Reuters