Indelible, a Poem

They failed to erase thy picture
From the canvas of my mind;
My circumstances — convincing as they were
In their pursuit;
Whilst thou stood all along
With a smile, so scintillating,
That illumined the complexities of my being,
And shook all dialectics within.

Thou stood there invincible
Behind the mystic shroud of silence,
Draining all their efforts to futility;
And raised a Renaissance within,
Till I was filled with reassurance–
Thou still keep reverberating
Throughout the realm of my entirety.

Amidst the air of inclemency
And all that’s contagious,
Across the distance of time
And spaces between us,
I can see thy countenance
Dazzling with prominence,
Through the prism of Love – thou stain-free,
In the mirror of eternity.

Mustafa Kamal (Ashrafi) is an English trainer and grammarian. Follow him on Instagram @me.mustafakamal89

Featured image credit:Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay