Let us run away, you and I.
When the evening is captured
in the frame of the sky,
when windows are locked,
colours subdued.
Let us run through those half-
deserted streets,
the whispering retreats, of
sleepless dreams in hotels,
with garrulous souls bowing
down to the night in reverence.

Let us wander down the streets
that wind like an unending argument
of subtle intent,
and run through the constricted
lightless lanes.
Oh! Let us jump over the hedges,
creep beneath the fences, and
discover the
infinite nuances of the wide
world waiting outside.

Let us get stranded in the middle
of nowhere, ignoring
the steady tick of the metronome
that counts off, life itself.
Letting the sword of Damocles,
that dangles over our heads,
guide our whims and our
darkest fantasies.

As if time was an infinite thing,
for a child to play with,
and never ceasing, never waiting.
Looking into the endless abyss
of the future,
and continuing, this perpetual
act of deferral.

Souvik Biswas is a first-year student from Hindu College, pursuing History Hons. He hails from Darjeeling, West Bengal. Being marked as a bibliophile and cinephile, Souvik states that he hates billionaires and dreams of a casteless and classless society.

Featured image credit: 愚木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay