It’s Rather Splendid To Be a High-Functioning F***-Up

Let me use your body I haven’t
used mine in roughly
twenty days haven’t touched
my lips to the neck of vice
explored all the ways
of staying entertained
in isolation. In my rooms
I go it alone and then outside
to source a pillow of milk
that sours long before my
dreams of deflation. Never
has my kettle been so hot
boiling sultry in these high
degrees making pot
after pot of masala tea
with no funner additive
than dried-up tulsi. So
Give me some sugar go
on nestle your webcam next
to mine text sexy to me
however many times
a night your ISP lubes
your cables. Cook me
something spicy soon as
Modiji cranks open our can
I have a slab of chicken
kebabs in my icebox
ready for defrosting they
only take a night for
a moment in the pan.
Life and times run
horizontally I have to
confess I’m now pretty
hairy but hair is so so pretty
and also soft to stroke.
My pink lamp’s a hunk
of mountain salt sometimes
I think of licking it when
there’s no more cheesy corn
chips but if I did I’d have to
dust it so WhatsApp me plz
the plan for catching up
somewhere Himalayan just
don’t forget to forward the AI
rendering of your peak.

Kathryn Hummel ( is an Australian writer, mixed-media artist and multidisciplinary researcher.

Featured image: Martin Dörsch/Unsplash