Loss of Love(r)

With pale countenance, I stare into the void.
As a robbed pilgrim, an abdicated prince;
a lost kid searching for its mother bereaved.
Akin to a failed genius or a monk denied bliss.

Memories whirl within the bosom,
waves of affection swell yet retreat bullied;
pleasures of life fail to fill the chasm,
as longings surge unable to be canopied.

Forlorn soul! Stripped of peace and hope,
with echoes from past and future archived;
deprived of mate and a dreary life to cope,
stands gullible before the world benumbed!

World is absent, in beloved’s remembrance;
what is present is only his haunting absence.

Dr P. Aparna is a lecturer in English at the Government Polytechnic for Women, Hindupur

Featured image credit: 愚木混株 Cdd20/Pixabay