Neatly Folded Genders

You! You ask me to identify with either of the two

But what about all kinds of people in between the two

You put me into societal slots

To identify and generalize

To work your way through?


You hail your abuses or raise your suspicions

Because I deviate from the ‘normal’ of what society deems for me?

Or you hold someone up on a pedestal

Because they conform to traditional norms

But what? What if my mind and heart have transcended my physical body?

When what I think, feel and act has nothing to do with my gonads

I’m just boxed in and labelled

Before I even dream of who I am


You may go on and on

With gendered myths from your conditioned minds

About the way I walk, talk and react

That doesn’t conform to any of your societal norms


What if I choose to love someone of my own sex?

What if I beg to differ in my clothing style?

Is it social priming or sexual organs that define me and put me into slots?


Your Ardhnareshwar (which comprises of two) may differ from mine

Our feminine and masculine powers may have varying compositions

Your Ying may be my Yang

But is it all that makes the difference?

Will you not count my talents just because I choose not to fit in?

Will you abandon my feelings and emotions because I defy your lens to look through?

I don’t wish to make my presence uncomfortable for you

Will you ever spare an eye to look straight at me

And reflect deep within

That I’m not any different from you