Reader Favourites in 2020: 15 of the Stories You Loved Most

It’s been a tumultuous year in more ways that one, and the articles we published on LiveWire reflect that churn. Day after day, our contributors submitted stories and poems about sensitive topics and how it affected them, be it gender, caste, mental health, education, politics or health.

Right from the Delhi riots and the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests at the beginning of 2020, to the start of the global shutdowns over the COVID-19 pandemic, education shifting online, the impact of a suicide in Bollywood and a world dealing with cancel culture, here’s a list of the most popular stories on the site and our Instagram page this year.

The Rhea Chakraborty Case: Reimagining Grief and Internalised Misogyny

Simran Varma 

On how a sexist system is maintained, and why women need to create a support system for each other and abandon the misogynistic language that we have inherited from society.

Boys Will Be Boys, If We Stay Silent About ‘Locker Room’ Talk

Aleesha Matharu

The screenshots of the Instagram chat group leaked early this year weren’t all that surprising. We need more and better ways to tackle the sexual miseducation of young men.

A Teacher’s Daughter Breaks Down the Side-Effects of Online Teaching

Rakshika Aphale

For the first time in my life, I have seen my mother question herself and her teaching.

Recipe: The Makings of a Sexist Bollywood Song

Mansi Vijay

Wash your hands before we start, this is about to get dirty.

How Hate Spread Its Wings in Delhi: Why February 25 Will Haunt Me Forever

Amit Pandey

I witnessed the consequences of hatred; how hatred can overpower love between two religions.

The Bra Debate: Ladies, You’ve Been Scammed

Sneha Vakharia

I have not worn a bra for three years now. Here’s a little story about how I got here.

Why Aren’t Famous Women Professionals Known by Their Last Names?

Shankar Tripathi 

Think Darwin, but Marie Curie. Shakespeare, but Arundhati Roy. Federer, but Serena Williams.

My Family Doesn’t Want Me to Give the Entrance Test for Jamia. Here’s Why

Shivani Jha

With the mainstream media painting the central university in a bad light over the past few years, members of my family believe falsities like “Hindu girls at Jamia are asked to wear a hijab on the campus”.

Conversations You Hear When People and Friends Find Out You Are SC


‘Yes, it’s easy when you are SC – to internalise all the hate you receive.’

How to Mourn Rishi Kapoor And Other Problematic Uncles

Bhawna Jaimini

Is there a guide to mourning problematic uncles we share a love-hate relationship with?

What Not to Say When Women Talk to You About Sexual Harassment

Sian Lewis

When you play ‘devil’s advocate’, you minimise the problem.

By Only Blaming Nepotism, We Prove That We Don’t Understand Mental Health

Sonali Mathur 

Drawing a direct line of causation between Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide and the way Bollywood treats outsiders does incredible injustice to his struggles with mental health, as well as the struggles of millions others.

My Not-So-Progressive Upbringing in a Malayali Family

Aiswarya Raj

Misogyny is entrenched in many parts of Kerala, despite the staggering female male sex ratio and the 100% literacy rate.

What Growing up in an Indian Middle-Class Household Taught Me About Sustainability

Sonia Singha 

The deep-rooted mindful mindset of yesterday that helps me make more eco-conscious choices today.

A Very Feminist Reading of Masculinities in ‘A Suitable Boy’

Shyaonti Talwar

Who is the man who will give Lata the “space to grow”?