The raging wind rocked the thatch wood
The clouds burst into a gusty splash of rain
The earth sprung with petrichor
The water gurgling through the drain pipe

A loud roar of thunder broke the silence
And all I had was a hazy dream of you in my mind.
Tainted imagery of us holding hands,
Blessing the rain as we danced, slow dancing
Fingers held, like how we used to twirl.
I recounted how we recited Keats,
You waiting for hours at the library,
Watching me surf my way through books
How every time you gifted me words,
I treasured them deep down the rocks of my heart.

Alas, curtains fell over my eyelids.
The hymns ascended the hall
A shrill cry of prayer followed
I stood there forlorn, for you were long gone.
I was transcending too.
Through the rain-washed sky
I gazed up, and you stood there, starlit.

Sree Ranjani is an engineer with a passion for words and poetry.

Featured image: Michael / Unsplash