The Indian Version of ‘This Is America’ That We Have Been Waiting for Is Here

We are BJ-Party
Party born to rule
We just want your money
Money from you fools
I know you love your army
Vote for me to prove, (don’t complain)
Girl, we caught you romancin’
Romance and we smash his brain

This is new India
Sanghis are equipping now
Watchman is sleeping, wow
We are worshipping Cow
This is New India
Mob’s freely lynching now
Babas are blinking now
Trolling the raising brows
This is New India
Ambani’s on the cruise
Biplab is on the loose
Selling cowpiss as a juice
This is New India.

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, tell somebody
If you tell somebody
Anti-National, you’re a Traitor, Motherfu…

This is New India.


This post was originally published on Humans of Hindutva’s Facebook page. 

Featured image credit: Rahul Samal/Humans of Hindutva