The World Must Die For a Love Like Ours

the world must die

for a love like ours
to live,
not in sleep on a silken soft bed,
neither as an act of sacred martyrdom
every inch of the body covered
in pink maggots,
slushing blood and tissues…
rivers dragging
through a hose nozzle,
tongues shaved,
and history beaten like a coke tin.

the world must die
like a carcass of a house lizard
quietly swept as dust,
a last breath heavy with regrets,
retching apologies,
unheard and unforgiven,
its bodies
and bombed at once,
its stories all deleted,
its hopes smashed cigarette butts.

the world must die a death
so unfulfilled and so quiet

for you,
and I.

Rachit Sharma designs and facilitates immersive leadership programs for young people in India. He has been engaged with a number of social causes. Currently, he resides in Meerut.

Featured image: Nick Iliasov/Unsplash