Two Poems on a Broken World: Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s World

Children and the dove

Children grow, grow with what they see
Holding torches, scare away the wild

The Division Bell is ringing
In every nation, to divide and rule

Minorities will cease to exist
Boundaries are becoming thicker

Then what will they see
Their parents holding the torches, scare away their own

Taking away livelihood and peace

Hunting the weaklings

Then what will they see
Marching feet and cocking of rifles

Land and resources
Dove is bought again

Will there be peace
Will the Dove ever fly with freedom?


Multiply to divide?

Discrimination, disintegration
Division, inequality
Country, boundaries
Race, supremacy
Religion, superior
In formation, conformity
Information, censured
Honestly, I feel it’s a mistake
To bring a child
Into this world
Where love and peace
Feeds on hate and war
Where race and creed
Matters over mother’s love for her child
And religion takes the driving seat
To control our soldier’s feet
Why, I ask
Why should I marry
Why should I multiply
When in the end, I’ll just be divided.

Pranam Abbi is a 3D artist by profession and a poet, music producer by passion. He lives in Gurgaon and loves his country but not its government.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty