UP Medical Students Paraded on Campus With Heads Tonsured

Uttar Pradesh: In an alleged case of mass ragging, several first-year students of Saifai Medical University at Etawah were made to parade on the campus with their heads tonsured.

Even while promising strict action on a news channel, university vice chancellor Raj Kumar appeared to condone mild cases of this kind.

He said ragging at one time used to be a way of inculcating sanskar (tradition or manners) of the world of medicine among students.

Recalling his own experience as a student, he said ragging in those days was much worse, but the senior students would also care for the juniors and help them with their studies.

A purported video clip on social media showed students in white coats walking in a single file, bowing their tonsured heads and also making salaam gestures. Another clip showed them in rows.

Going by the video, there appeared to be at least 40 students walking between buildings on the campus road. Some reports said all 150 male students in the latest batch of freshers were ragged.

A man in uniform, apparently a security guard, was also seen in the video as the medical students filed past.

Vice-chancellor Raj Kumar said he was not aware of the incident, but would look into it.

“We keep a strict watch on such activities and have taken action against those breaking discipline and have also suspended them,” said the VC.

“I also want to assure new students that they have nothing to fear. They can bring any such activity to the notice of the anti-ragging committee or their warden,” he added.


Featured image credit: YouTube screengrab