VIBGYOR: The Seven Stages of Love

Falling for you was violet, a dark bruise that imprinted itself onto my soft skin and refused to fade because there was no one to catch me as I fell down and down and down… There was none to pick me up as I got sucked in deeper by your charisma, your perfection; there was none to pull me back when I fell for you.

Seeing you was indigo, a flower that blossomed new every day because each day you revealed a side of you that couldn’t be seen before. It was as if you shed one petal of yourself daily and yet rose back as a beautiful, freshly born flower; like the phoenix that rises from his own ashes.

Listening to you was blue, the clearest of all waters, the best of all oceans because your boldness shone against your softness. You were a leader with power and the wisdom to use it only when needed; for while you were the water that gave us our lives, you were capable of engulfing us and watching silently as we drowned. You were a wise leader and I was a faithful follower.

Conversing with you was green, a vibrant blade of freshly mown grass, a new leaf because no conversation ever turned out to be uninteresting when you were involved. You brought a breath of life with you, a fragrance of living. You were like a book in an eager child’s hands, one who is adamant on reading every letter with utmost dedication and detail. You were an enthralling novel and I was an avidly reading child.

Knowing you was yellow, a burning sun that shone with radiance, because you were blazing with all the energy and strength you held in you. You were strong, confident and fierce. Every part of you courageous. You were daring, adventurous, venturing into unknown territories and marking them as yours by conquering them. You were like a raging wildfire and I was the burning forest.

Being with you was orange, like the mellow skies at dusk, because in your presence, no difficulty seemed that grave and every trouble melted away into the warm breeze. You were full of colour, splashed across each cloud, painting it with your happiness. Your company was addictive, it was mesmerizing because soon I found myself drinking in all of you and never getting over the hangover. You were the stroke of pure joy with your laughter that lingered on, and I was the plain canvas that awaited your masterpiece.

Loving you was red, a blooming rose that stood above all its thorns, because despite all that was said about you, by you, my love for you never lessened. Your thorns didn’t matter to me, their pricks didn’t hurt me… You were a rose, a beauty in yourself and your thorns couldn’t stop me from loving you. You were the blood that flowed through my veins and pumped into a heart that had long before proclaimed itself yours in every way.

You were a rainbow in my eyes.
And I was the raindrop that conjured you.

Gayatri Oke is a high-school student from Mumbai.