You’ll Do It for Me

How many heartbreaks
Do I have left in me?
I was born with a heart
Like a heap of jaggery
That can only be chipped at, slowly
Blow by blow.
A heap of jaggery never breaks
It only crumbles and chips
Only to be put back together again.
Leaving your fingers sticky.
But you’ll do it for me.
You’ll turn my heap of jaggery heart
Into brittle caramel
And then I will go and shatter into a thousand pieces.
No more a jaggery heart.
Just shards easily dissolved
by a tear or two.

Rituja Patil is a queer poet from Mumbai. Her poems have previously appeared in LiveWire, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Etc. and the lickety~split.

Featured image: Hans Isaacson / Unsplash