Yours, Truly

it’s very easy for me to get my heart broken.
always off to dreamland where i become
hopeless, and desperate in pursuit of perfection.
thoughts crumbling my sanity and overlapping one
uncertain jumble which lurks on my mind, a redirection
from who i aspire to become; healthy, sane, relaxed.

met you at the grocery store,
coincidentally bumped into you in the movies,
placed the same order in cafés,
ultimately walked with and by you along the lake.
days turned to nights,
yet i found solace
in each of our walks by the lake.
few jokes to begin with,
then came the realistic discussions,
culminating in our foreheads touching,
as our tears made way for the cosy hug.

each sweatshirt reminds me of a different story,
of how the professor was awkward,
of how your grandfather was always snockered.
some tell the narration of our espressos getting cold,
and some tune out the melodies,
of when our hands touched to fold.

my soles are accustomed to steps besides yours,
as they have found a partner,
to intertwine our souls.
summer passes on, and winter begins.
more jackets arrive, yet your warmth remains.
christmas bells chiming, singing in glory,
oh how i’ve longed for you,
to tell my grandkids our story.

Devarya Singhania is currently pursuing a degree in English Literature, and has been an immense fanatic of poetry, philosophy and literature. You can find him on Instagram via @iamdevarya.

Featured image:  Jamie Street / Unsplash