Euphoric Moments

fleeting moments that linger in the air,
people who live without a care,
moments that demand our presence,
a life lived in its truest essence.

we’re young and alive,
we’re birds finally leaving the nest,
to fly and strive
we’re caterpillars turning into butterflies
we’re phoenixes and from our ashes, we rise.

we are our own little revolution,
little creatures of passion and devotion.
we are the children of rebellion.

Yana Jain is a poet and multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore. She is a student who is extremely passionate about the spheres of the liberal arts. She has been published in several anthologies and featured in several magazines and blogs such as The Alipore Post. She also has a podcast on Spotify called poems, musings and epiphanies where she performs spoken word.

Featured image: Suzanne D. Williams / Unsplash