Phobics in the World

Hysterical lies and clastic devours
Sensed the cries of the whimsical that snows
And was burned by the latent, by the phobes!

One day, I had a really great time
Feeling the freedom of when I was nine
Obliviously throwing away that unknown crime!

Crimes that spread in eras like filaria
Crimes that spoke louder than the lost utopia
Crimes that bled the ancient pebbles of historia!

That day I was there with “QUEER” on my heart
I was with me finally after all the fallen apart
Still I was called a disgrace instead of an art!

Let the voice filibuster these foreign knowns
Show them the pride and the love we own
Oh let’s live our lives and see them turn into stones!

Revika Sangamita (she/her) is an aspiring poet, dreamer and a student residing in New Delhi. She embraces her queerness, mental health issues, healing and grief through her poetry. She has been featured in several anthologies.

Featured image: Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash